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Square - digit height

Four sizes are available when you want digits in Square 250 and Square 270. We have divided luminaires and heights into categories, making it easy to order the required height.
Square, design: schmidt hammer lassen

70, 80, 90, or 100 mm

You can pick one of four digit heights in Square 250 and Square 270: 70, 80, 90, or 100 mm. They are categorised and shown in the catalogue here. In cooperation with your customer, you can use the catalogue to determine the digit height before ordering the Square luminaire with laser cutting. The luminaires are categorised as follows:

Category A: Square 270, LED
Category B: Square 270, E27
Category C: Square 250, LED
Category D: Square 250, E27

An order for Square 270 LED with cutting 109, height 80 mm, could run as follows: 6824-4930C, 109, A-2

We introduce the simplified system in order to reduce order handling time, and we hope you will find it easy to use.

Please take contact to us with any questions you might have.
Flemming Hald, international sales director
Flemming Hald
International Sales Director
tel. +45 2790 2913
Bente Riis, marketing manager
Bente Riis
Marketing Manager
tel. +45 4914 8081
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