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Morten Hove Lasthein, AART Designers, describes the design process in Danish street lighting magasin Trafik & Veje - ready for download here. Below you'll find a few passages from the article.

From demands to design – the birth of a luminaire

Morten Hove Lasthein, AART Designers
AART Designers and Focus-Lighting have developed a number of exterior park and street lighting luminaires together. Different luminaires with their own field of function – from parks and squares to local roads and highways. One common point, however, is high standards in respect to lighting quality, sustainability, and design. The latest product in the row is SPACE.
Space, design AART Designers
We have developed a completely new lighting principle for SPACE. We attempted to take the LED technology a step further and challenge the glare issue, among others. Our target was to increase the small lighting point to a large and more comfortable lighting area by combining direct, indirect, and shaded light.
Space, design AART Designers
The solution is a design expression consisting of a number of more or less illuminated rings and circular elements which interact to broaden out the light. An interrelated constellation with an elegant and dynamic expression of several layers and experiences – both during day and night. And everything encapsulated in a minimalistic, precise and harmonious main shape.


The SPACE luminaire is described in detail in the publication available here.
Space, design AART Designers
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