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Nyx 330. Design: Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects

High performance and pleasant light with FastFlex lenses in NYX 330

With FastFlex LED in Nyx 330 performance is improved and energy saved without compromising on light quality.

By means of the optics technology with lenses we can offer high efficacy and energy savings at the same time. As always we focus on the quality of light and have succeeded in obtaining the efficacy required along with the high quality of light as we know from the Fortimo LLM LED module. Luminous intensity class is G3 on paper, but we meet the the G4 requirements below 90 degrees - (a small amount of light above 95 degrees results in G3).
NYX 330 with FastFlex is available with a single module of 3000 lumen and a total consumption of 28.5 watts. The driver offers a service life of min. 100,000 hours and can be programmed to the optimum luminous flux and the dimming profile required. The FastFlex module offers min. 80,000 hours operation. We have calculated the energy consumption of the different LED types - see results here.

As a standard, we offer two colour temperatures: 3000 and 4000 Kelvin with a guaranteed colour index of 70 Ra, but typically 75 Ra. The FastFlex range also comprises e.g. 4000 Kelvin offering Ra 80. Photometric data in pdf format are available here.
Nyx 330, design Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects

NYX 330 with FastFlex LED module, 3000 lumen

Nyx 330. Design: Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects

NYX 330 with Fortimo LLM LED module

Complete LED programme for Nyx 330.

The Fortimo LLM module for Nyx 330 will still be in our programme, and thus a complete LED programme in the range from 1100 to 3000 lumen is available. The Nyx 330 luminaire has become very versatile and adjustable for the varying requirements at streets, roads, and other urban spaces.

As a quick guide we recommend the FastFlex module with lenses for roads with 4-6 meter poles. For smaller roads with a pole height of 3-5 meters, the Fortimo LLM module will be the optimum choise.
Nyx 330 with FastFlex LED will be ready for delivery by the end of May 2014. Product data and technical specifications are available at - see details below.