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AVA - a rising star with inspiration from the world of arts.
AVA hall pendant
AVA, the new hall pendant by Cubo Architects, is ready for spaceous halls and corridors in public and private buildings. Cubo describes the new pendant as an alternative to the symmetrical pendant. Its three sides are alike but form a varying sculpture with the letters A and V appearing - therefore the name AVA, which is also the name of a beautiful actress of the 1950's. But the inspiration comes from a completely different type of artist, American Richard Serra, known for working with large-scale assemblies of sheet metal.

AVA is planned for the hall of Herning Gymnasium with Cubo winning the refurbishment competition in 2012. More about the winning project here. In the concipation of AVA we have experimentet with anodising the aluminium sheets as an alternative to the powder coated version. The result is a warm colour - we call it light copper. So AVA is available in two standard finishes: white and anodised (light copper).
Technical Data:
Dimensions: 1000 x 335 mm
Material: Aluminium
Finish: Powder coating (white) or anodises (light copper)
Diffuser: Opal-white acrylate
Suspension: 2 m wire + top
Classification: IP 20, class I
Weight: 11.5 kg
Lamp type: LED, Bridgelux Vero
Energy consumption: 33 watts at 1050 mA
Output: 31 watts
Colour temperature: 2700 or 3000 Kelvin
Colour rendering: min 80 Ra (available up to 97 Ra)
Operational life: min 50,000 hours
AVA hall pendant
AVA will be supplied with a  reflector for wide diffusion of light, but is also available with narrow diffusion. With the wide reflector, the output ratio amounts to 93 per cent.
AVA, design Cubo Arkitekter

AVA is 1 meter tall and suits spaceous halls and corridors very well.

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