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  • SKY - new park light by AART designers
  • Focus LIghting at Living Lab, Europe's largest outdoor lighting test facility

SKY - new park light

In cooperation with AART designers we have developed SKY, a new park luminaire in a contemporary design. Light and airy, the form of SKY with the arched roof top, reaching for the sky, has led to the name SKY. Light is reflected and comes from above – from the sky.

The light source, LED, is placed at the bottom of the luminaire, and the indirect light, reflected and directed by the arched roof, is soft and pleasant. We use Bridgelux LED offering long service life and high operational safety without compromising on light quality. Flexibility is high, and we can supply Bridgelux in various colour temperatures with colour rendering indeces up to 90 Ra. Photometric data here.

SKY is made of cast aluminium with graphite or silver grey coating. The screen is cast in long-life polycarbonate with acrylic glass on both sides, making it extremely resistant to UV radiance. SKY comes in IP 66 and is impact testet to IK 10, i.e. the highest possible rating. More details here.
SKY, design AART designers

Branding by means of colours

SKY fits 90 and 60 mm columns, thus offering the possibility of using both a galvanised standard column and a coated design column. The cylindrical connection piece used with Ø90 mm columns offers the possibility of simple, yet eye-catching customisation; for example in the form of logo or city arms - or simply the colour characterising a company or an area.
SKY Park, design: AART designers
Maybe you already know SKY from the Light+Building show in Frankfurt this year. The visitors showed great interest in the new luminaire due to the minimalist design and the pleasant light. SKY can still be seen at an "exhibition", namely the DOLL Living Lab at Copenhagen suburb Albertslund (more below). We present our Street/Urban programme comprising Nyx, Sky, and Becco in this test lab.


Nyx 450, design Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
Focus Lighting is part of Europe's largest outdoor lighting test facility, DOLL LIving Lab, where we present FOCUS STREET / URBAN LIGHTING.

FOCUS STREET / URBAN LIGHTING comprises Nyx, Becco, and Sky, and with the Nyx luminaires we can demonstrate intelligent lighting systems.

NYX at DOLL Living Lab

Our succes in street lighting is highly due to the Nyx series, designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects in 2005. Since then it has been developed to meet public demands for efficient and energy-saving urban lighting, assuring vehicular and pedestrian safety and comfort.

Nyx 330 is intended for minor roads in residential areas and is characterised by pleasant light and low discomfort glare even at low poles. Nyx 450 is used for traffic roads and is available in new LED versions meeting the specifications of the European road lighting standards.
Nyx 330, design Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter

BECCO at DOLL Living Lab

Becco, design Grønlund & KSA Design
Becco is born with LED and many functional components are integrated in the luminaire design. The heat sink forms a characteristic connection between the column and the lantern and it is the base of the LED module as well. We use Bridgelux LED due to high quality of this American product, offering long service life and high operational safety without compromising on light quality. Furthermore the flexibility is high, and we can supply Bridgelux in a variety of colour temperatures with colour rendering indeces up to 90 Ra.

SKY - coming soon at DOLL Living Lab

As mentioned, Sky will be part of the Living Lab at Albertslund, and we expect that it will be ready at the test facility in the course of November.
SKY, design AART designers
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Have a look at our new FOCUS STREET / URBAN LIGHTING brochure.

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