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Focus on Street/Urban Lighting

We are succesful in supplying street lighting to the Danish municipalities, who are busy replacing old installations by new LED lighting. In order to strengthen our activities in this field - in Denmark and in exports, we have employed Jakob Zeihlund as per May 1, 2015. Jakob has worked with lighting for many years - with Osram and Citelum among others.

We experience different standards and requirements from one country to another, and we must be absolutely updated on the standards at our export markets. Jakob has a background as an engineer, and he will be able to support our partners in each individual market as well as reinforcing the activities in the Danish street lighting business.
Jakob Zeihlund

Jakob Zeihlund, B.Sc., has been working with lighting for many years, with Osram and Citelum, among others.

DOLL Living Lab

Focus Lighting is part of the DOLL Living Lab at Albertslund, Europe's largest outdoor lighting tetst facility presenting street lighting live at the streets of Hersted Industrial Park. We use the Living Lab test facilities to present clients and partners with our street lighting products and the control options available. It is a unique facility, and in one single visit our clients will be able to evaluate different products and their lighting characteristics. And we have the possibility of presenting ourselves and the quality of our products.
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Download the FOCUS STREET / URBAN LIGHTING brochure.

Focus Lighting has supplied around 50,000 luminaires to the Danish municipalities. Primarily the Nyx products by Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects are used in street lighting. Their minimalist design and their LED options and control technology guarantee efficient and safe street lighting with flexible dimming.
The sales team of Focus Lighting:
Søren Marckmann Frantsen
Street/Urban Jutland and Funen:
Søren Marckmann Frantsen
tel. 4038 0213
Jakob Zeihlund
Street/Urban Sealand and Europe:
Jakob Zeihlund
tel. 2343 4413
Andreas Thage-Jørgensen
Project Sales Sealand:
Andreas Thage-Jørgensen
tel. 5135 6330
Claus Mølhede
Design + Project Sales Jutland and Funen:
Claus Mølhede
tel. 4026 0069