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  • Sky Bollard - by AART designers
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Sky Pullert, design AART designers

Sky Bollard - finally here!

AART designers have succeeded in creating a bollard with onbroken lines. The Sky Bollard is characterised by its slim lines ending in a Y-shaped top, underlining the kinship to Sky Park.
Also the lighting technology resembles the indirect light of the Sky Park, being reflected by the diffuser and cut off by the roof top. The lamp type is a Bridgelux V8 LED, and along with the coated Helvar driver it functions at extremely low temperatures (-40 degrees Celsius). We offer the Sky Bollard with 9 or 12 watts, and we have made the CRI 90 a standard regardless of the colour temperature. Link to photometric data can be found here.
The Sky Bollard is sturdy and will resist the daily wear and tear. The pole is made of galvanised steel and the roof top of cast aluminium. The bollard can be coated in graphite or silver grey, or the galvanised pole can be combined with a silver grey roof top. The screen is cast in UV-resistant, long-life polycarbonate. The Sky Bollard is protected to IP66 and impact testet to IK10. More details here.

We expect to be able to deliver the Sky Bollard in December.

LED update in many products

We are currently updating our LED programme in outdoor wall fittings and bollards. We aim at the best possible LED quality and keep an eye on the market constantly. We use Bridgelux whenever possible due to high quality and flexibility. Bridgelux closes the ES-series and launces the V6, V8, and Vero 10.

For the products with the new Bridgelux-series we implement a standard colour rendering of 90 Ra, regardless of the colour temperature. Vi see the colour rendering index as a strong quality parameter, and we want all aspects of quality connected to our products.
Nyx 190 wall, design Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
We switch to the new LED series in our range of exterior wall fittings and bollards when the old ones are sold out. We attempt to keep our website updated with the latest data. Furthermore the LED type can be seen from the price list - the latest version is available here.

Sky Park in Svendborg

Sky Park, design: AART designers
The municipality of Svendborg, Funen, uses the Sky Park luminaire in the old centre of Svendborg, characterised by beautiful, old houses standing side-by-side with shops and contemporary buildings.

In the renovation of the city lights, the old wire-suspended light sources were removed and replaced by park luminaires. In this way the streets were opened up for the sky and its daylight. At night the park luminaires enlighten the streets and their charming surroundings. The rotational light sources contribute to a pleasant atmosphere and lead pedestrians through the streets.
Sky Park, design AART designers
For the architects in the municipality of Svendborg it was important that the luminaires are visually alike with the light turned on and off and that light is pleasant without glaring. The Sky Park luminaire fulfills the requirements due to its design and the principle of indirect light. The light source at the bottom of the luminaire enlightens the reflector at the top, and light is spread onto the surroundings, but cut off by the roof top. Furthermore it was essential that the design of the luminaire fits the city environment with shopping streets, squares and market places. AART designers, who are the architects behind Sky Park, have aimed at a design with slim lines and a simple and easily recognisable expression. The simple, yet elegant design makes the luminaire fit into many different environments.
Sky Park, design AART designers
Facts about the Sky Park in Svendborg:
Number: 85
Lamp type: Bridgelux Vero 18, 32 watts, 100,000 hours operation
Output ratio: 73 per cent
Dimming: 50 per cent for 8 hours during the night
Pole: Standard Priess pole, Ø90
Sky Wall, design AART designers

Sky Wall - on its way.

The Sky family is complete with park, bollard, and wall luminaire. The wall fitting is a copy of the park luminaire, only fitted on arm.
The indirect light is characteristic for the Sky luminaires, and Sky Park has been chosen for many projects due to pleasant light with a minimum of glaring.

In case of the wall fitting glaring is a very important factor as well. We look forward to offering the Sky Wall in connection with the rest of the family or as an individual wall fitting.
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