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Thank you for a great year!

Sticks, schmidt hammer lassen design
2015 was a busy year with many fine projects for Focus Lighting, and we are proud of presenting some of them in this newsletter:
- Vanløse, City of Copenhagen
- City Centre, Municipality of Svendborg
- Himmerland Residents' Association, C F Møller Architects
- Musholm Sport and Holiday Resort, AART architects
- Herning Gymnasium, Cubo Architects
- Municipality of Silkeborg
- Lake Peblinge and Sortedam, City of Copenhagen

Vanløse, City of Copenhagen

Nyx 330, design Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
In 2015 we delivered the first Nyx luminaires to the City of Copenhagen, meant for the suburbs of Vanløse, Brønshøj, and Bispebjerg. Luminaires and poles are coated in the grey "Copenhagen-colour" RAL 7024, and the lighting installations contribute to a uniform and cohesive environment in the residential areas.

In the City of Copenhagen the new lighting installations are equipped with innovative Smart City hard and software. Not only for controlling the light, but very much for all future data logging which makes it possible to inform citizens and employees of the municipality on traffic, weather, parking, when to empty bins, and much more.
Nyx 330, design Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects

City Centre, Municipality of Svendborg

Sky Park - AART designers
The Municipality of Svendborg has refurbished the lighting installation in the City Centre in 2015. The new installation saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions. In Svendborg City the modernisation involves Sky Park, proving that contemporary design fits old houses very well.
Park luminaires are typically used in order to add an aestetic element onto an area. They are characterised by their rotational light being diffused to both the ground and the surroundings. Thus they create more space and can be seen at great distance, providing a cohesive lighting line. Sky Park is characteristic for the streets both at day and night. Thanks to modern lighting technology the form of the luminaire is the same with and without the light on.
Sky Park, AART designers

Himmerland Residents' Association, Aalborg

Nyx 330, design Vilhelm Lauritzen Architekcs
In the Danish building review BYGGERI the Himmerland Residents' Association, section 19 & 22, won the title of Housing of the Year 2015. C. F. Møller Architects were in charge of the refurbishment. The two sections comprise around 400 flats, which have changed appearance from grey and dull concrete housing to charming residences cladded in wood and brick lightened up by large window areas.

The Focus Lightings Nyx 330 lantern has contributed to bringing life to the outdoor spaces. With lighting on low poles the architects have created a safe and comfortable area sufficiently illuminated for outdoor activities. The installaltion is dimmed down by 50 per cent for eight hours in the night time. More about the Nyx 330 lantern.
Read more about Housing of the Year at

Musholm Holiday Resort, Korsør

Sticks, design schmidt hammer lassen design
Also the Musholm Holiday Resort, owned by the Danish Muskelsvindfonden (Muscular dystrophy Foundation) has received a prize for Architecture of the Year. The holiday resort is extended by sports facilities, a restaurant, and 24 cottages, and the project by AART architects has won the 2015 Building prize of Slagelse Municipality. "The buildings are distinctive, but adapt to existing architecture and the coastal landscape" - so one of the statements of the prize commitee.
H+M recessed, Christian Hvidt Design
Focus Lighting has supplied both interior and exterior luminaires to the project. Outside, the minimalist couple, Sticks and Square, underline the architecture. A total of 65 Sticks in two heights illuminate squares and walkways, wheras the Square wall fitting can be found at the cottage terraces.
Inside the building, the H+M downlighter illuminates the new premises. More photos from Musholm here.
AART architects describe the Musholm project here (English):

Herning Gymnasium

AVA, design Cubo Architects
Cubo Architects were in charge of the renovation of Herning Gymnasium, and for that purpose they designed the hall pendant AVA in cooperation with Focus Lighting. AVA is 1 meter high and impressive in her minimalism. Cubo was inspired by Richard Serra, an American sculptor working with large assemblies of sheet metal. AVA's three sides are alike, but form a varying sculpture. The letters A and V became part of the form and have naturally formed the name of the pendant.
AVA illuminate the auditorium and the hall, extending into the renovated atrium, Grønnegården. Schönherr Landskab are the architects behind this part of the renovation, and they were awarded the Building Prize of Herning Municipality for the atrium project.
There is more information on the renovation of Herning Gymnasium at and at

The Municipality of Silkeborg

Sky Park, AART designers
Sky Park was launced in 2014, and never have we seen such a quick response from the market. Sky has got a fantastic start, and with Sky Bollard and Sky Wall ready in 2015, the Sky family is complete. Sky is often used in urban squares and pedestrian streets, but has also found its way to small roads in residential areas.
Sky Park, AART designers
The Sky luminaires are elegant and easily understood, and the indirect light is pleasant and non-glaring. Due to the rotational light diffusion the environment is highly illuminated, contributing to safe traffic.
AART designers have intended to create a design classic. There is every indication that they have succeeded.

Lake Peblinge and Sortedam, City of Copenhagen

Nyx 190, design Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
131 Nyx bollards are installed around Lake Peblinge and Sortedam in Copenhagen, securing runners and pedestrians an illuminated tour around the popular lakes.
For the City of Copenhagen it was important to obtain comfortable, non-glaring light which will not disturb people living in the area. They chose bollards due to the fact that there is only limited mirror effect in the water. Five different bollards were tested, and the Nyx 1200 bollard won. The particular 12 W LED for bollards directs the light to the walkway and extends the distance between the bollards.
Nyx Pullert, Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
More projects can be seen at our new website which is responsive to both small and large-scale browsers. We present our products and many of the projects we are involved in, in a distinctive way.
We look forward to new projects in 2016. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a proposal on your lighting project.
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