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Punkt Lamp 65 mm, design Focus

LED in the Punkt Lamp 65 - the simple way

The small 65 mm Punkt Lamp has always been extremely competitive on price, and the same applies to the new LED version. We offer a five watts solution with a 500 mA driver, and the whole lot is available at almost the same price as the halogen version with transformer included. But with LED you double the efficacy. If you want to reduce energy consumption even further, we can supply a dimmable driver, 1-10 V + switch. 

We equip the LED Punkt Lamp with a lens to direct the light downwards. It is easy to detach the lens if a broader diffusion and a higher output ratio is required.
Type:  Bridgelux Micro SM4 Star
Total consumption: 5 W 
Colour temperature: 2700º Kelvin
Colour rendering: min. 90 Ra
Service life: min. 50,000 hours at an ambient temperature of max. 25º C 
Glaring:  max. 14.2 UGR
Angle of diffusion:  60º
Output ratio:  54.5 per cent