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Sustainable housing at Lystrup near Aarhus. Sticks and Square are there.
We have supplied Sticks and Square to the housing association Ringgården at Lystrup near Aarhus. The sustainable houses, designed by schmidt hammer lassen architects, who also designed Sticks & Square, have won a Nordic prize as the best housing project in the Nordic countries. The prize is initiated by the "Nordiska kooperativa och allmännyttiga bostadsorganisationer" (NBO) and awarded "a new housing project uniting exciting architecture with environmentally and socially sustainable solutions at a reasonable price". 

The Chairman of the NBO, Swedish Kurt Eliasson, was excited about the Danish housing project:  
- A worthy winner. The housing association Ringgården has built timeless, cubic houses. Besides the harmonious forms, the houses are effectively insulated and combined with highly efficient ventilation and reservation of rain water in a near-by lake. A place to be inspired by. More about the prize here (in Danish).

Sticks & Square in interaction with the architecture

Schmidt hammer lassen architects use Sticks and Square for the exterior illumination of the prize-winning housing at Lystrup. Sticks and Square are minimalistic and simple in design like the newly built houses and are perfectly in line with the architonic expression and the surroundings. 

As is the case with the other luminaires in the Focus range, Square and Sticks are sustainable by means of their quality and long service life. Furthermore, with the constant development of new efficient light sources, it is notable that the lamp module is exchangable. Thus the existing luminaires will not turn obsolete in terms of energy and efficacy. In terms of design the luminaires are timeless by means of their simplicity and purity.
Sticks 3000, design schmidt hammer lassen
Square, design schmidt hammer lassen design

Lærkehaven III is part of the Lærkehave housing area at Lystrup, consisting of 122 sustainable dwellings in three houses. The vision of the project is to combine European state-of-the art architecture with the latest developments within sustainability.

More information on the Focus luminaires:
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