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We are pleased to present BECCO, a rotation symmetrical lantern designed by the architects Susanne Grønlund and Karin Andersen (Grønlund & KSA Design). Becco is characterized by the form of the heat sink continuing into the screen as light-breaking rings spreading in water. The light source is not visible and the indirect, non-glaring light is spread by means of the arched roof plate.

The heat sink and the roof plate are made of aluminium with black, graphite or silver grey coating. Becco will be ideal for using colours to stand out or to fit the lantern into a specific environment, and we shall be happy to quote other colours. The screen is cast in long-life polycarbonate and equipped with a layer of acrylate on both sides, which makes it extremely UV resistant. 
BECCO is born with LED and the intention was to combine design and necessary components, such as the heat sink. Once again we use the Bridgelux LED because the American high-quality brand offers long and stable service along with fine light properties. Furthermore we get a flexible product, and we can supply Bridgelux at different colour temperatures and with colour rendering indeces as high as 90 Ra. We quote the warm daylight colour 3000 and CRI 80 Ra as standard, but please do not hesitate to contact us for other options. We expect Becco to be ready for delivery by the end of 2012.
LED type: Bridgelux RS
Energy consumption: max 53 W at 2 A
Effect: 22, 36, or 50 W 
Service life: min 50,000 hours at ta max 25°C
Colour temperature: 3000 Kelvin
Colour rendering: min 80 Ra
Output ratio: 67.8 per cent 

The Becco heat sink is designed with inner and outer cooling fins. This design makes the cooling extremely efficient even if just a little wind sweeps the large surface. The more efficient the cooling, the longer the service life of the LED.

Becco - heat sink
BECCO is nominated to a product prize initiated by the engineering magazine, Ingeniøren, in the design category. The editors have described Becco and the nomination here: Product Prize (danish)
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