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Peak 380 - for 5-8 meter poles

Peak 380, AART designers
In cooperation with AART designers we have developed Peak, a new lantern for pole or arm mounting. Suitable for 5-8 meter poles, Peak comes with LED with various lense types, customized for the specific requirements at local and traffic roads, round-abouts, pedestrian areas etc. 

The lantern is modular built and can be adjusted to the best technical solution in a specific project. In terms of lighting power the lantern is versatile, offering the possibility of one, two, or three LED modules. Thus the power can be adjusted from 1,300 to 11,000 lumen. Colour temperatures are 3000 or 4000 Kelvin, and the colour rendering index is 70 Ra as a minimum.  

Made in cast aluminium and hardened glass, the lantern is available in black and two grey colours, both appropriate for galvanised standard poles. More technical details and photometric data available at

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Peak 380, AART designers

Pole-top mounting at 60 or 76 mm poles.

Peak 380, AART designers

Mounting on 40 or 60 mm arm.

The designer behind Peak: Morten Hove Lasthein

Morten Hove Lasthein, AART designers
Morten Hove Lasthein, head of AART designers, on the design process:
 ”With Peak we have aimed at creating a strong synergy between form, function, and economy. A synergy lifting and maximising the overall product concept into new efficient and sustainable areas – hence the name Peak.”

Peak shows classic as well as modern characteristics, and this interaction between old and new makes Peak suitable for a wide variety of environments. This is characteristic for most of the products in the Focus Lighting range, and Peak blends perfectly into the programme. Peak will fill the gap between the two Nyx luminaires, 450 and 330, and in future Focus Lighting will be able to offer luminaires for poles from 3 to 12 meters.

Peak 380 at DOLL Living Lab

Peak 380, design AART designers
We present the Peak luminaire at the Living Lab test centre in Albertslund, north of Copenhagen. The lantern, equipped with three FastFlex LED modules with type III lenses, is mounted on 7-meter poles. At 4000 Kelvin, the luminous power can be as high as 11,000 lumen. The lanterns are equipped with a DALI unit and are controlled by means of Street Light Vision software.

Doll Living Lab is Europe's largest outdoor test and exhibition center for professional street lighting. A large number of manufacturers present their products in full scale along the roads in Hersted Industry Park, amounting to 12,000 meters in all. More on the Doll Living Lab here.
Peak 380, AART designers
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