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Pelée illuminates Congregation House at Jelling

Jelling Church with runestones
"With respect for both town and world heritage, the new Congregation House at Jelling adjusts to the line of houses in Gormsgade with a view to the church and the Jelling Stone monuments." In this way Cubo Architects describe the new Congregation House at Jelling, the design of which they won by competition in 2013. The house was opened recently and works well with the Pelée fixtures spreading light over the facilities.
Pelée surface-mounting, design Cubo Architects
Cubo Architects have used the Pelée fixtures for the general lighting of the Congregation House. Pelée 385 for recession is used in the horizontal ceilings downstairs, whereas the Pelée 385 for surface mounting is used upstairs in the sloping wood panel ceilings.
You can have a look at Cubo's presentation of the project at
Pelée 385 surface-mounted, design Cubo Architects
Designed by Cubo Architects for Focus Lighting, the Pelée family consists of fixtures for recession, surface-mounting or suspension. They come in two sizes: 250 and 385 mm diameter. The inner conical circles of the Pelée luminaires contribute to a comfortable, non-glaring spread of light. The shade in opal-white acrylate offers excellent diffusion and an elegant finish.

The Pelée downlighter for recession is available with tunable white system for control of the colour temperature of the light. Please feel free to take contact and learn about the possibilities of tunable white.
Pelée 385 for recession, design Cubo Architects
In the ground floor Pelée 385 is recessed into the roustic Troltekt plates.
Pelée 385 recessed, design Cubo Architects
The Congregation House in Gormsgade, Jelling, Denmark
The Congregation House at Jelling, Denmark
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