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Nyx and Sticks in Aarhus City project

Nyx, Gellerup, Aarhus
Gellerup is a suburb of Aarhus, often referred to as one of Denmark's ghettos. The municipality of Aarhus and Brabrand Housing Association have conducted a comprehensive project to renew the area. - Structural physical changes are seen as the way ahead in order to create an open, attractive area for business, education, residences of various kinds, leisure and a network of safe streets, so the website of the housing association.

Focus Lighting supplied Nyx and Sticks luminaires for the refurbishment. The landscape architects Møller & Grønborg have utilized the many Nyx options in order to create a characteristic Gellerup style.
Nyx 450, Gellerup.
Nyx 450 is predominant in Gellerup, but also Nyx 330 and Sticks are used in the area. More images here.
Sticks 4000
The Sticks luminaires for Gellerup are customized. The pole is in galvanised steel, and the top fitting is silver grey. The total height is 4 metres.
Nyx luminaires at Gellerup.
Nyx 450 and Nyx 330 - penetrated housing.
Nyx 450, Gellerup
Nyx 330 and Nyx 450 in the streets of Gellerup.
Nyx 330, Gellerup
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