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A few projects from 2016 - and a view into 2017.

  • White House, Bryggen, Esbjerg
  • Hobro Bus Terminal
  • Gellerup, Aarhus
  • Kastanieparken, Hillerød
  • Jelling Congregation House
  • The Warehouses, Aarhus Harbour

White House at Bryggen, Esbjerg

White House Esbjerg, Architects: Friis & Moltke
White House by Friis & Moltke Architects is the new company house at Esbjerg Brygge for Claus Sørensen Ejendomme A/S. Focus Lighting has supplied exterior and interior lighting for the project. Outside, the Nyx luminaires in corten brown are predominant. Inside, lighting is an important part of the interior, and the general light is in the frames of Pelée.
Nyx 330 lantern, design Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
White House is eight storeys high and has, from the start, become an icon at Bryggen in Esbjerg. Outside, the eye meets Nyx 330, Nyx 190, and the Sticks 900 bollard - all in the visible corten brown finish, matching the anodised alu-profiles of the building. For the interior premises we have supplied more than 1,300 Pelée luminaires for recession or surface mounting.

Take a look at the Friis & Moltke description of their project here and Helene Hoyer's beautiful images at the Focus webside here.
Pelée 385, recessed, design Cubo Architects

Several variants of the Pelée luminaire are used inside in the White House, Esbjerg. Here Pelée 385 for recession.

Pelée 385, recessed, design Cubo Architects

Hobro Bus Terminal

Pelée 385 - design Cubo Architects
In cooperation with the Fjorden Architects Focus Lighting won the lighting project for the new bus station at Hobro. In the outside roof the Pelée 385 in IP44 is used, and the building stands out as a sculpture in the dark. Inside, the AVA hall pendants form elegant sculptures.
Pelée 385 - design Cubo Architects

Gellerup, Aarhus

Nyx 450, design Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
The Aarhus suburb Gellerup Park is often referred to as one of Denmark's ghettos. However, the City of Aarhus and the Brabrand Housing Association have initiated an ambitious plan to change things. Structural physical changes are regarded the way ahead in order to create an open, attractive area with businesses, education, owned and rented flats, leisure areas and a safe network of roads and footways - as it is formulated in the website of the housing association.

Focus Lighting has supplied Nyx lanterns for the new roads. The architects Møller & Grønborg Landscape have used penetrated Nyx housings only and have contributed to creating a characteristic new Gellerup. More images from Gellerup here.
Nyx 330 - design Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects

Kastanieparken Hillerød

Nyx 190, design Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
The Nyx family are used in a very creative way at Kastanieparken, Hillerød; as many as five Nyx variants can be seen at the former institution at Hillerødholms Allé, now refurbished into houses for people with various disabilities. KHS Architects and Dines Jørgensen Engineers have led the renovation. Nyx 190 wall is used for the small houses, and the silver grey finish matches the wooden walls perfectly.
Nyx 190, design Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
Along the walking areas the Nyx Bollard 1000 is used, and the Nyx 330 on double arm dominate the parking area. The silver grey lantern suits the galvanised standard pole well.
Many more of Jesper Blæsild's photos can be seen as a case at our webside.
Nyx 330 double arm, design Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
The Nyx Bollard light up the paths and contribute to safe and comfortable traffic at night. All luminaires are equipped with energy-saving LED light. More images here.
Nyx 190, design Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects

Jelling Congregation House

Cubo Arkitekter
"With respect for both town and world heritage, the new Congregation House at Jelling adjusts to the line of houses in Gormsgade with a view to the church and the Jelling Stone monuments." In this way Cubo Architects describe the new Congregation House at Jelling, the design of which they won by competition in 2013. The house was opened in 2016 and works well with the Pelée fixtures spreading light over the facilities.
Pelée 385 - design Cubo Architects

The Warehouses, Aarhus Harbour - 2017

AART architects
The Sky Park and Square Wall will soon be seen at AART architects' project The Warehouses at Aarhus Harbour. More about the Warehouses at AART's webside.
Sky Park - design AART designers
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