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Pelée Downlight

Pelée Downlight, design Cubo Architects
Cubo, the arcitects behind the Pelée family of interior luminaires, have designed the Pelée Downlight. We'll be ready to deliver the Ø160 mm downlight in the beginning of 2018.

As is the case with the other Pelée luminaires, the downlight is made of cast aluminium which is coated white or grey metallic. The conical inner circles underline the relationship between the Pelée luminaires and contribute to the characteristic design and pleasantly diffused light.

Pelée Downlight will be available with 12 or 17 watts LED. The standard colour temperatures are 2700, 3000, and 4000 K, and the colour rendering index amounts to at least 90 Ra. More details here.
Pelée Downlight, design Cubo Architects
The Pelée Downlight offers low built-in height due to the fact that driver and terminal block are mounted on the side of the housing. The built-in height is app. 85 mm.
Pelée Pendant, design Cubo Architects

Pelée Pendant Uplight

The Pelée Pendant with uplight ist just around the corner. It is designed with three oval-shaped openings at the top - with three LED boards behind the shades, each offering an output of 300 lumen. Thus the fitting meets the recommendations of the new standard concerning light at ceilings and walls. The downward light is the same as with the closed pendant - details here.
We expect to be able to deliver the Pelée Pendant Uplight in the course of April 2018. More details will follow soon.
Pelée Pendant Uplight, design Cubo Architects

Next: Pelée Line

Pelée Line will the next newcomer in the Pelée family. Together with other Pelée fittings, Pelée Line will be used at Augustenborg Caste at the Isle of Als, which is to house the Landbrugsstyrelsen after its renovation (Cubo Architects). The Pelée can be found in our standard programme around the autumn 2018 - we expect.
Pelée Line, design Cubo Architects
With the Pelée family growing, it might be useful to have them all in a row:
  • Pelée Downlight, 160 mm Ø
  • Pelée Line, 1200 mm L - image above
  • Pelée Pendant + Uplight, 385 mm Ø
  • Pelée 250 recessed or surface mounted
  • Pelée 385 recessed or surface mounted - images below
Pelée 385, recessed, design Cubo Architects
Pelée 385, recessed
Pelée 385, surface mounting, design Cubo Architects
Pelée 385, surface mounted
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