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Showing the WAY

WAY, design AART designers
WAY is new in our range of street luminaires and is designed the Nordic way to avoid light pollution and glaring. The flexible luminaire is available for top or side entry.
WAY, design AART designers
By means of a few, simple add-ons we can offer a broad range of mounting functionalities. By integrating these essential requirements in the main housing, we have reduced the use of components to a minimum. The sustainable solution of a single unifying shape meets the many technical requirements differing from city to city.

Testing in the City of Aarhus

Way prøveopsætning Aarhus
During the developing process we have tested WAY in cooperation with the City of Aarhus. We installed the luminaire at Knudrisgade and saw at once that the unique shade works. The visually glowing element with anti-glare function offers the friendly optical guidance on our way - driving or walking - literally "showing the way".
The shade in clear, impact-resistant acrylic is parallel to the ground, but has a protuberant, frosted egde ensuring pleasant light without glaring and a minimum of light pollution. Furthermore the form adds character to the luminaire, and in combination with a circular LED board we underline the classic luminaire design in a new unique expression.

Circular or square LED board

We have developed a round LED board with 64 dioder and CAT lenses directing the light into the traffic lanes. In this way we obtain an oval-shaped light profile which not only enlighten the street, but also indicates the lane direction and minimises unwanted light into the surrounding houses.
WAY side entry, design AART designers
For the luminaire with side entry we offer two square LED boards with 3 and 4 FastFlex DA modules respectively. By means of different lens types this luminaire will meet the individual requirements at local roads, crossings, roundabouts etc.
We shall be able to supply samples in June - please take contact for reservations.
Peter Olivarius
Peter Olivarius
Tel. +45 4026 3847
Thomas Axelsen Drejer
Thomas Axelsen Drejer
Tel. +45 4060 4038
We present the WAY luminaires in our new brochure, also including a presentation of the working process by AART designers. Download the brochure online here or order the printed version at
WAY, design AART designers
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