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Turn - spot-on lighting

Turn - design: Friis & Moltke Design
Friis & Moltke Design are the architects behind our new spot light. We call it Turn because it can be turned and adjusted to spot-on illumination. The minimalist cylindrical design is completed by the semi-cylindrical brackets, fitting tightly to the cylindrical post top. Both luminaire and brackets are made of cast aluminium with grey, corten brown or black noir 900 powder coating - more about the new black coating below.
The LED module is recessed into the housing in order to reduce discomfort glare. The protruding edge and the silk coating of the glass shade contribute to the spot effect. Turn is available with three different beam angles; 38, 19, and 12 degrees.
Turn - design: Friis & Moltke Design
Turn offers great flexibility for illuminating squares, play grounds and other places in towns and cities. The number of spots and their position open up for designing light in a spectacular way.
We offer standardised posts in three different heights for two, three or more spots. The posts are combined by a conical post and a cylindrical extension rod, 76 or 60 mm diameter. The heights of the three standard posts are 4, 5½, and 7 metres, respectively. But anything is possible and we shall be happy to quote posts adjusted to specific applications.
Turn - design: Friis & Moltke Design

Noir 900 - new standard black colour

We introduce a new black colour, Akzo Nobel's Noir 900 Sable with structure. Noir 900 is deep black with structure like the grey colour variants, graphite and silver. Noir 900 will be the standard black for most bollards and lanterns, whereas wall fittings and indoor luminaires will be available in the new Noir 900 and the traditional RAL 9005.


Please do not hesistate to contact us for details on Turn or any other Focus product.
Thomas Axelsen Drejer
export manager
tel. +45 4060 4038
Thomas Axelsen Drejer
Turn, design Friis & Moltke Design
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