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Tunable White at Ny Kærvang

Ny Kærvang at the Limfjorden
Cubo are the architects behind the new Kærvang at the Limfjorden where the Region North Jutland offers housing for people with severe psychiatric diseases. Cubo describes the project at their website in this way:
- It was the aim to create "the good home", flexible enough to meet individual requirements and offer the privacy known from town houses as well as the need for a social life and a community with attractive activities.

The interior lighting at Ny Kærvang is dynamic (tunable white) and can be adjusted to the alternating requirements in a house like this. The colour temperature can be adjusted between 2700 and 6500 Kelvin, ie. from warm, yellowish to clear, white like daylight.
Pelée recessed, design Cubo Architects
Focus has supplied 250 Pelée luminaires for recession and surface mounting for the project, and in all variants the dynamic light can be adjusted from 2700 to 6500 K. The colour rendering amounts to at least 90 Ra.
Pelée recessed, design Cubo Architects
Pelée recessed, design Cubo Architects
The architects (Cubo) have used lighting in a creative way, and the variation in size, the asymmetrical positions, and not least the dynamic light contribute to the unconventional, non-institutional environment.

Also the illumination of the stairs reflects the creativity. Pelée is recessed into the walls, and with the clear, white light they look like windows letting the daylight in. More images can be seen at
Pelée recessed into wall, design Cubo Architects

Nyx 190 and 330 outdoor

Ny Kærvang at the Limfjorden
The exterior lighting is provided by Nyx 330 and Nyx 190; Nyx 190 on wall, and the Nyx 330 lantern in the surroundings.
Nyx 330, design Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
Nyx 330, design Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
Ny Kærvang, Cubo Architects
Please do not hesitate to take contact if you want to know more about tunable white in the Pelée and other luminaries.
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