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Pelée Line and more power

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  • Pelée Line - 1200 mm
  • Pelée Ø385 - now with 29 W - up till 4200 lumen
It is ready: Pelée Line, the line luminaire by Cubo Architects. The Pelée family, comprising downlights, recessed and surface mounted luminaires, pendants with up and downlight, and the new line luminaire, will be suitable for any lighting project requiring a homogeneous and versatile design line.
Pelée Line, design Cubo Architects
The new luminaire is 1200 mm long with light upwards and downwards - downwards only, if preferred. The downward light diffuses through a prismatic shade, whereas the shade upwards is opalised. We offer these combinations of light up and down:100% downwards ∙ 35/65 up/down ∙ 50/50 up/down ∙ 65/35 up/down
Pelée Line is available with a Dali driver only. See other details in the product specification here.

More power in the downlight and the Ø385 variants

Pelée downlight, design Cubo Architects
Pelée 385, recessed, design Cubo Architects
Pelée 385, pendant, design Cubo Architects
Pelée 385, surface-mounted, design Cubo Architects
Pelée 385, pendant uplight, design Cubo Architects
The 385 mm variants of Pelée and the 380 mm variants of H+M have become more powerful. We offer them with 29 W and up till 4200 lumen. We use a TCI driver with Dali control, and Dali is included in the price of these items.
Also Pelée Downlight is available wiht a more powerful variant of 24 W; in this case the existing driver can handle the extra load.
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