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Turn - new variants

Turn - design: Friis & Moltke Design
Flexibility is important when designing light for urban areas. You can enlarge the space designed by light and minimize the number of poles by combining spot light and asymmetrical light.
We have developed Turn Spot Halo and Turn Street Halo, similar in design, but different in lighting.
Turn - design: Friis & Moltke Design
Turn Spot Halo is a minimalistic spot light equipped with a short, opal-white acrylate ring which opens the luminaire. The spot can be angled in the bracket and adjusted vertically and horizontally on the pole.

As is the case with the first Turn spot light, Turn Spot Halo is equipped with a reflector and recessed LED with light distribution in three angles: narrow (12 degrees), medium (19 degrees), and wide (38 degrees).
Turn - design: Friis & Moltke Design
Turn Street Halo is also equipped with the short, opal-white ring, opening the luminaire and offering optical guidance.
This luminaire offers asymmetrical light by means of LED with lenses. It shows the way for pedestrians and cyclists. The minimalistic design and low pole height is ideal for creating spaces in central urban areas with efficient and traffic orientated light.
Turn Spot - the original Turn design - is closed by a long ring in aluminium for cut off and anti-glare. The spot light is underlined by the protruding edge and the silk coating on the glas screen.
Reflector and lighting technique is the same for Turn Spot and Turn Spot Halo. The exchangable LED module is recessed into the housing to reduce glare. Both offer three light distribution angles of 38, 19, and 12 degrees.
Turn - design: Friis & Moltke Design
Turn - design: Friis & Moltke Design
By using several spots you can create new spaces by means of light. By combining the dramatic spot light from Turn Spot Halo and the asymmetrical light from Turn Street Halo you can enlarge the spaces designed by light without using more poles.
We offer standard poles in three different heights for two, three or more luminaires. In any case we combine a conical pole and a cylindrical rod with a diameter of 76 or 60 mm. The total height amounts to 4, 5½, and 7 meters respectively. But everything is possible, and we shall be happy to offer poles for specific purposes.
Turn - design: Friis & Moltke Design
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