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Becco Pullert, Design Grønlund & KSA Design

Becco Bollard

With the new Becco bollard by Grønlund & KSA Design the Becco family is suitable for many applications in urban space, shopping areas, housing associations, or corporate facilities. The LED components of the Becco bollard pullerten are used in the design, the heat sink being not only the base for the LED light source but also the characteristic carrier of the luminaire. The light source is not visible and the indirect light is spread by means of the reflector in the roof plate. The screen in long-life polycarbonate will remain clear for a long time, due to the UV resistant layer of acrylate on both sides. The Becco bollard is simple and strong, and for extreme wear and tear it can be supplied with a galvanized pole.

The Becco bollard is equipped with an LED type Bridgelux ES and it is available with 2700 or 3000 Kelvin. The driver is preset to 500 mA, yeilding 10.5 watts and consuming a total of 13.5 watts. However, the driver can be adjusted to 350 or 700 mA with an output of 7 and 16 watts respectively. We have produced lighting data for all three  variants - see photometric data here. 
Becco bollard, design Grønlund & KSA Design
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