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  • Turn Spot/Street Halo, Danske Bank, Aarhus
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  • Lichtwoche München

Turn Halo - Danske Bank, Aarhus

Arkitema are the architects behind the new Aarhus premises for Danske Bank, Denmark's largest bankers. They have used Turn Halo at the area around the premises. The combination of Turn Spot Halo and Turn Street Halo reveals the flexibility in using same design and different light distribution. All luminaires are coated in black noir 900 and installed at 5.5 meter coated columns.
Turn Spot Halo, design Friis & Moltke Design
Three Turn Spot Halo with reflector for 38 degrees light distribution.
Turn Spot Halo, design Friis & Moltke Design
Turn Halo, design Friis & Moltke Design
By means of the many light distribution options available with Turn, the architects have succeeded in making creative light which underlines the architecture. At the top two Turn Spot Halo; at the bottom Turn Street Halo with DA board and lenses for asymmetrical light.
Turn Halo, design Friis & Moltke Design
Turn Street Halo, design Friis & Moltke Design
The combination of a single Turn Street Halo and a bunch of Turn Halos at the square contributes to coherence in architecture and lighting.

Turn Gobo

Now you can display your message without compromising your design. The simplicity of the Turn design makes it easy and attractive to combine plain light and artistic light. We have placed two Turn Spots at the upper part of the column and a Turn Gobo below them. You get light by means of the Turn Spots, and you can display your message or your graphics by means of Turn Gobo.
Turn Spot and Turn Gobo
Turn Gobo
We offer the professional gobo solution with optics of high quality. This means a 40 watt solution with active cooling combined with a standard lens of 85 mm, offering the ultimate sharpness from heights up to 8 meters.
The illustration to the right is the projection from Turn Gobo in an 18 degrees angle to the column. From a height of 6 meters the resulting projection will have a "diameter" of 2.5 m. It is an approximation to call it diameter due to the fact that a round projection will be possible only with the Turn Gobo pointing straight downwards.
Turn Gobo projection
A wide variety of gobos is available - from black or grey to multi-coloured with up to four laser-cut colour filters. We will supply the gobo specified by the customer. See all gobo categories and be inspired here.
Gobo categories
The pictures below are from "Lichtwoche" in Munich. This week the Turn Gobo and the Turn Spot can be seen at Werksviertel, a part of the city which is transforming from an out-worn industrial area into a creative hub - see more here.
Turn Gobo, Werksviertel München
Werksviertel, Turn Gobo
Werksviertel, Turn Gobo
Turn Gobo is professional equipment with optics of high quality. On top of it you get Friis & Moltke's fine luminaire design. Please take contact if you want to know more about Turn Spot, Turn Street or Turn Gobo.
Bente Riis, Marketing Manager
Bente Riis
Marketing Manager
Tel +45 4914 8081
Flemming Hald, international sales director
Flemming Hald
International Sales Director
Tel +45 2790 2913
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